Build Your Own CCTV Cheap and easy with 2mp Cameras wifi or cabled.

I’m going to tell you what I have done and give you as much information as I can to get you started building your own CCTV cheap and easy with 2 megapixel cameras. Personally I think CCTV is way over priced. All the cameras I have used are wifi capable. I built a complete system for a business and one at home. The oldest camera is still running since 2015 at the business for those skeptics thinking the cameras I use are crap.

At home there is a mix of cable and wifi connections.
Home config:
4GB Ram
1TB Hard disk

Contacam Free
Version 9 has a watermark for donations.
As far as I can remember the water mark is a small line at the bottom.
Version 7 does not have a watermark.
It runs like a dream. I like free software and if it’s good I will donate.
I donated AU$14 after using it for a two weeks. That was US$10.
It does not have a phone app but it works very well through my iphone, ipad and pc browser.

It detected the cameras with ease and it is easy to configure.
I have basically bought the same cameras off ebay but from many different suppliers.
Suppliers come and go.
Only once did I have to send cameras back because they did not have 25fps in the settings. I didn’t order anymore from that particular supplier after that.
Don’t give feedback on ebay until you know that they are what they say.
You can search ebay and buy whatever fits your spec.

I have bought 6 cameras from this guy. So far they where all fine.

Be patient when configuring these cameras.
I suggest you buy one camera only to make sure it’s spec is good enough for you.
Just remember that even if the camera is capable of running 25fps that does not mean you will get 25fps. It depends on network traffic, machine spec and software limits.
With contacam I can see the fps in the program where you configure it. So while the cameras are running, the fps can fluctuate between 9 and 24 fps.

Business config:
i7-2600 HP
16GB Ram
500GB Samsung EVO
2 x 8TB Hard disks
Windows 7
These are pretty good old i7 computers.
14 Cameras 2mp
Probably need an upgraded pc as this one is pushing it’s limits with 14 cameras.

Sighthound software not free.
Easy to set up and configure.
I have tested many and this one worked best for the company because they wanted a phone app.

I will do another post soon to add more information on where to get cat6 cable cheap not junk. I will add the links I used for tools and how to put connectors on etc. It’s easier than you think.